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We are the Auction Department of Net Japan.
We hold Diamonds and Jewelry auctions for dealers.


We are where we are today thanks to support of many business partners.
To express our gratitude to those who have supported us and to the industry, and hope for further development of both parties, we will not be stingy to share the know-hows that we have accumulated over a long period of time.
We will make our utmost effort to establish a win-win situation between our customer and our company.
Should you have any questions about the jewelry business, please do contact us.
We promise to be of a help to your business.


Held every month - Diamonds/Jewelry Auctions

- Participation of top buyers in the inductry.
- 3.5% Handling Fee charged to the seller, no handling fee charged to the buyer.
- Diamond auctions Held multiple times per month for speedy selling and buying.

Japan's largest diamond and jewelry auction held monthly in Tokyo. There are no ties peculiar to antiques, so even first-timers can participate with peace of mind.

NJK AUCTION - Hong Kong -
Diamond and Jewelry Auction held in Hong Kong

- Participation of many top class buyers worldwide.
- Know-Hows collected from over 10 years of business experience.
- Pay Handling fee and other fees and simply hand us the items you wish to put into our auction.

Loose diamond auction held twice a year in Hong Kong. The average transaction volume is 1.5 billion yen.
Participation of top overseas buyers having over hundred million dollars business each time. We will sell your products utilizing the know-how accumulated in over 10 years of business since the start of this event.


The largest recycler in the diamond and jewelry industry

We have been trading diamonds and jewelry for about 30 years since our establishment.
We will respond to the various needs of our customers with a wide variety of high-quality products procured through our extensive achievement record and global network of 16 branches in Japan and 2 overseas offices in Hong Kong, NJ Hong Kong and NJK.

We are a member of various credible institutions and organizations

For customers' peace of mind in business, Net Japan has become a member of various trustworthy institutions and organizations for diamonds and jewelry.

[ We are a member of the following Organizations ]
■ Hong Kong Jewelry Manufacturing Association (HKJMA)
■ Japan Jewelry Association (JJA)
■ Japan Re-Jewelry Council (RJC)
■ Association Against Counterfeit Product Distribution  (AACD)"